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Latest News

06/06/2001 - [SECURITY UPDATE] TIAtunnel 0.9alpha3 released (fixed a remote buffer overflow in auth.c - tnx to qitest1).
04/03/2001 - TIAtunnel 0.9alpha2 released (fixed a parsing bug that afflicts some libc version).
04/01/2001 - TIAtunnel 0.9alpha1 released.

What's this

TIAtunnel is a simple IRC bouncer that allows access from a simple IPv4 box to any kind of well-known server.
It is free and under the GPL license (see LICENSE).
It supports multiple servers and multiple accounts, with a single config file.
There are three connections available: IPv4->IPv4, IPv4->IPv6, IPv4->IPv4SSL, to reach any type of IRC servers I know.

In the configuration file you have to specify for each connection a password (UNIQUE!!!), the type of connection (4->IPv4, 6->IPv6, S->IPv4SSL), the local host to use for outgoing connection and the server and port address.


Latest version is tiatunnel-0.9alpha3.


You can find more informations about TIAtunnel developing at SourceForge.


You can download latest sources from:
Packet Knights (http)
SourceForge (http)
SourceForge (ftp)


This program is developed and released under the GPL license by tHE rECIdjVO, member of the Packet Knights.

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